About NextGene Biosystem

The NextGene Biosystem is newly founded scientific company, which aggregate variety activities in biomedical research. We are focusing on applied research in the most promising of emerging  technologies in biomedicine  with emphasis  on technology  transfer and commercialization to different  sphere  of our lives. Research an NGB is encouraging partnerships among various disciplines as well as with other educational institutes, private enterprise and government agencies.

September 15, 2016

Opening of NextGene Biosystem Center

NextGene Biosystem , Blagoveshchensk, Amur Region

Join us in NGB, Blagoveshchensk at the inagargural scientific symposium celebrating the opening of the NextGene Biosystem Center

November 25-27, 2015

Young scientists of NGB will discuss problems of cardiovascular diseases

Kazan, Kazan Federal University

Conference of young scientists and doctors “Medicine of cardiovascular disease. Translational Pharmacology and innovations in therapy” will be held in Kazan at 25-27 November at the Institute of Biology and Fundamental Medicine of the Kazan Federal University. Two young scientists NGB – Kushnarev V.A Yatsenko A.A and were invited to participate in this event.

December 2-5, 2015

All-russian scientific and practical activities “stafet university science 2015”

First Moscow State Medical University, Moscow 

It will be held for third time. In 2014, the event has become more ambitious. The competition involved 37 universities.

NextGene Labs

Applied Biomaterials and Tissue Engeneering Laboratory

We study how to use, design and synthesis new biomaterials that regulate the gene expression enteracting cells.

Medical Device Concept Laboratory

We develop clinically significant devices for treatment and diagnostic of trauma injury by utilising engineering principles of fluid flow and mass transfer.

Regeneration of Extreme Medicine

We promote translational aspects of regenerative medicine research.

Cancer research laboratory

Our major research interested are in exploring collateral and breast cancer cells in the context of molecular mechanisms responsible for pathological condition and for detecting biomarkers.

“ Modern medical advances have helped millions of people live longer, healthier lives. We owe these improvements to decades of investment in medical research ”


Educational Programs in molecular medicine

NextGene Biosystems offers educational programs in molecular medicine together with Amur State Medical Academy

Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory

Recent revolutionary progress in human genomics is reshaping our approach to therapy and diagnosis.

Stem Cell Bank

Funded by Amur State Medical Academy and investors, the Amur Stem Cell Bank was established

Medical Tourism

We are government-approved biomedical company in Russian Federation which provides services for medical tours in South Korea.